The outlet that hides the plugs.

Hide is the only outlet that hides the plugs inside the wall, keeping the electric contacts off of children’s reach and more protected from water and dust.

Unlimited possibilities.

Electric outlets have remain unchanged over the last 200 years. Hide is the very first evolution ever in this field.

Watch this video to find out all the possibilities offered by Hide, that make it the world's very first smart electric outlet, both in terms of design and of functionality.


With Hide you don’t have to worry about gaps between your furniture and the wall. Your outlet protrudes only by 1/2 inch even with the plugs inserted.

Italy, UK, USA and EU

Hide has retailed over 1 million units in Europe since its market launch in 2012. Starting 2019 Italy Innovazioni has launched the US version

Italian Standard

UK Standard

USA Standard

EU Standard

A very smart cover!

Ambient Computing is here

Hide’s cover can become any device that can be powered with 5V voltage. This makes it possible to have your music, security cameras, chargers, etc… all around.

Ok, Google! Hey, Alexa!

Embedded Voice Assistant

Hide’s cover can also embed the two most widespread voice assistants, that are powered directly through the outlet. See the action!

Custom made for exclusivity

Hide can be manufactured to fulfill the needs of exclusive enviroments. Precious materials, custom design and 100% Italian craftmanship for top class places.