Investor Relations

Invest in a high margin activity

Electric outlets have remain unchanged over the last 200 years. Hide is the first innovation in the field and it’s patented worldwide. Research show that if only 0,0005% of standard outlets were retrofitted with Hide, 7.5 million Hide per year would be sold in the world. Hide’s shares have almost doubled their value over the last two months, so invest now.

Market Information

  • ISIN Code: IT0005336521
  • Last price: €8.20
  • Number of shares: 3,823,190
  • Market cap: 31.350€M
  • Listing sponsor: Aether Financial Services
  • Information document: download

Shareholders and Voting Rights

  • Giorgio Rende: 25,2%
  • Pietro Malanca: 25,2%
  • Giuseppe Paldino: 25,2%
  • Bruno Francesco: 8,40%
  • Free Float: 16%

*each share bears one vote

Corporate Documentation

Investor Relations

Key People

Giorgio Rende


Engineer with a wide experience in electrical equipment. He is the
inventor of the recessed socket named “Hide“. He is also the inventor of new power systems at low and high voltage.

Pietro Malanca


Architect and industrial designer, having a critical role in the patenting process of Italy Innovazioni products. He creates the design and manages all the products technical aspects.

Francesco Bruno

Technical Advisor

Engineer, his experience is crucial to check the compliance
with European directives. He takes cares the materials selection and the analysis of products risks.

Giuseppe Paldino

Technical Advisor

Engineer, he manages the application process for Italian ,
European and international patents. He handles the process of patents’ terms extension.