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Our Vision: deal with every day

The firm’s business objective is to exploit the value of its patents to increase its assets value, but at the same time to keep on researching to find new innovative products to bring on the markets.


Hide, recessed electrical outlet: outlets haven’t changed much over the last 200 years,
exception made, in some countries, some variety in materials and colors; since 2013, Hide is the very first recessed power outlet that actually hides the plugs inside the wall. Hide is distributed by local distributors on local markets.

More on hidesmartsocket.com.

4 standards for global compatibility

Hide has been developed in American, British, European and Italian standards, making it compatible with 85% con UN countries. Hide is fully compatible with standard electric boxes adopted in these local markets.

Voice control, AI and smart functions

Italy Innovazioni is carrying out a research project for 2019-2020 to embed smart devices into Hide’s cover. Working prototypes of a number of devices, including Amazon’s and Google’s voice assistant.


SlideBox, the adjustable electrical box: SlideBox is an electrical box that adapts to many standards in different countries. Thanks to its sliding feature, it is possible to use only one SKU for a number of installation, instead having multiple SKUs for every flush size. SlideBox is compatible with EU local markets.


SuperDual, the multistandard socket: imagine having two Italian 10A+16A sockets and two
USB all in one tiny, single-mounting 2-module socket. No more adapters and transformers.