What We Do


Our Business Model

Italy Innovazioni has a business model in which it retains control of the most value added phases such as design, prototyping and marketing, while outsourcing production thus allowing a fast growth strategy. Ideas for new products often come for serendipity; after investigating them, our designers and engineers start working to create functional models for further stages like technical specification, prototypation and patenting. The IP is finally licensed to local manufacturer on regional markets.


Idea prototype and patenting

Italy Innovazioni gathers information on new market needs and  begins designing of the product and developing a prototype for the product, checking its feasibility and profitability. The new product is then prototyped and filed for patent on relevant


Moving technically towards the final product in order to plan production and minimize its cost. It involves screening setting and planning the supply of row materials.

Licensing and support

the IP is licensed to industrial subjects who will manufacture and distribute the product on their own local markets. During the effectiveness of the licensing contract, the licensee gets support on product improvement and marketing by Italy Innovazioni.